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Futsal is intense and exhilarating, as defence turns into attack at breath-taking speed, an action packed game which keeps players physically active whilst having fun is born!

Futsal is played with a half size and heavier ball on a small court. Having a small playing area forces all players to fully participate and be involved, which in turn fast-tracks the attainment of technique

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Improve Your Skills with Futsal Elite

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Master you opponent with
1v1 dribbling and turning skills

with a Futsal ball


Score more goals by
finding the spaces in the goal

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Play in the future by
keeping your eyes and head up

with a Futsal court

By playing Futsal you touch the ball double the amount of times you would by playing football. Futsal balls have a low bounce, it spends much more time on the floor which is excellent for development of skills and ball control. In this game, players find themselves playing under pressure in confined spaces. It is played to touchlines and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head-height. The pitch size demands quick decision making, movements off the ball and intensity.


There are many differences to our traditional version of five-a-side, a contrast in the laws spur skilful and creative play opposed to prioritising a physical approach that tends to be an element in five-a-side.


Famous professional Football players like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar and even the greats Maradona & Pele are self-confessed Futsal players during their childhood.

In Attack

There are no boards to save misplaced passes, touches, long balls and shots off target. There are no walls for holding the ball, or your opponent. Controlling the ball, executing positive touches and technique is part of being consistent. Futsal demands you to be more productive, whilst innovative combinations is a must.

In Defence

You can shut and show down an attacking player just like Football as there are no boards to support the attacker. You make decisions whether to regain misplaced passes, or see the ball out of bounds to win the ball. Goalies and defenders can concentrate on effective shot blocking angles. You can counter the counter attacks. Generally, you can form competent defensive techniques, which translates into Football.

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Futsal Elite repeatedly achieve success with players. Using their insight in developing excellence, players break loose of the chains that prevent progression in Football. Futsal Elite is about training your reactions to become reflexes so that you can play with confidence and trust your instincts

Michael Hamilton AFC Wimbledon Head of Youth Development Phase

Futsal Elite are highly skilled and have proved their methods work in developing Footballers. I regard their knowledge of Football training to be supreme and has been an invaluable part of not only my development as a player but also as a person

Rinsola Babajide England Womens International

I have known about Futsal Elite for two years now and the results in the players performances speak for themselves. I believe the system and guidance used at Futsal Elite will create future professional Football players

Ahmet Akdag Charlton Athletic F.C U14s Manager

We switched to a futsal approach with our pupils during the last academic Year and have already seen an improvement in their ability and confidence with the ball. The sessions have been fun and active and the children have thoroughly enjoyed them

Paul Madden Broadwater Primary Awarded Gold Mark for School Games for the last two years

Having no idea about Futsal, Futsal Elite suggested coming in for a day and running a Futsal Day with my school - they took years 4,5 and 6 throughout the day and gave them a quick overview of the game and how it was played. They kids loved it. We therefore decided to include Futsal as an after school club. The coaches have encouraged and worked really hard with the kids improving their skills and abilities at the clubs. They have all gained from these lessons and this can be seen in all aspect of their fundamental understanding of attacking and defending games. The kids have really enjoyed their sessions and the fact that they don't want to go home at the end of the club is indicative to the love of the game and the coaching they receive.

Emma Blaikie P.E Coordinator St Teresa's Primary School

Our children have benefited from the highly entertaining and well planned out activities that Futsal Elite have to offer. Their football skills have dramatically improved from the quality coaching provided.

Peter Harding P.E Coordinator Heathfield Junior School

Futsal Elite have been working with my son Kieran, 17, since an early age, providing both coaching and mentoring support. I have often braved the elements to stand and observe the innovative training routines which have developed Kieran's technique, football brain and lately his physical attributes. For example, regarding the latter, Futsal Elite have been working with Kieran to improve his core strength, agility, fitness and acceleration, much-needed tools as he is slight-framed. After only a few weeks into this training schedule Kieran showed a marked improvement and suddenly found that he was able to cope physically against boys he was previously struggling with. I have also observed the coaches in game situations and he is a brilliant coach who reaches out to his players far better than any of the Sunday league football coaches I have seen. I would say that they are equipped to coach or manage at the highest level in the professional game and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Cassius Powell

A perfect blend of technical coaching alongside development of agility and athleticism. The coaching is innovative and imaginative, with a great focus on developing skill and encouraging creativity, but also teaching game awareness. My son has come on leaps and bounds in the last two years thanks to the hard work, dedication and positive environment created by the wonderful coaching.

Zeeshan Siddique

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