U16s & U18s


Futsal is intense & exhilarating,
as defence turns into attack at breath-taking speed.

We are futsal elite

encouraging creativity and imagination

London United Futsal Club U16s & U18s

St Joseph's College
Beulah Hill
SE19 3HL

Futsal is a great skill developer. Demanding lightning reflexes. Fast thinking and precision passing. This is what led us to launch our adult sessions.


Just by playing with us at Futsal Elite & London United F.C we guarantee you will develop precise ball control, technique, skill, agility, quick reflexes and fantastic decision making. All of which you never imagined you were capable of.


As our futsal balls have a 30% reduced bounce it means the ball stays in play for longer. This means more touches, meaning more repetition, which equals better ball familiarity (ball mastery). After playing in tight areas and learning to think and react quickly, you will be placed in demanding decision making situations in enclosed spaces. Fear not though! If you train and play with us, you’ll see that the creativity and imagination taught through our practices, which will help you react and do the unimaginable under pressure.


Futsal is one of the greatest teachers of the beautiful game, Football. In Football, teams and players find it hard to play against teams who have great attack minded individuals, or someone who plays quickly, turns quickly and can execute a world class pass in quick time. You can be that player with assistance from us.

As futsal is fast paced and action packed, fitness will improve dramatically in a short period of time. Imagine achieving all this doing something you enjoy and love. All this made possible whilst you are having fun!


Many goals are scored, many nutmegs happen and exciting things happen throughout the sessions. The best thing is that the game is free from complex rules such as offside. We find our youth team love bringing out their inner child and love playing futsal!